Post Mix... Chilly Ice... Chilly Juice... Coffee... Milkshakes...

Chilly Drinks launched in the late 1990's enjoying instant success in the frozen drinks market, placing over 100 machines across Wales in its first year, and many more since then.

Times have changed since then and no, with a growing portfolio of products, we consider ourselves to be one of the most innovative suppliers of soft drinks in Wales.

Not only are we proud to be the only Welsh company supplying their own premium branded products in the marketplace, we are ideally placed to offer an excellent service.

We supply a variety of Drink Products:

  • CHILLY ICE - now with over 14 flavours, your customers will never get bored.
  • CHILLY JUICE - Made from REAL fruit juice and school compliant, available in multiple flavours.
  • THICK SHAKES - Available in liquid or powder form, depending on your needs.
  • POST MIX - Cola, Diet Lemonade and now with the addition of ENERGY BLAST! our draught energy drink. Enjoy up to 8 products on a gun, including cordials.
  • COFFEE - The latest addition to our portfolio, and proving to be a sensation, a hot chocolate worth every penny.

Please check our Products catalogue for details and specifications of our equipment, flavours of drinks and services we provide.